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Did you know there are more ways than ever before to sell or buy a home? Count on Fusion Realty Group to provide you with the best options to sell, buy or move!

Find out what selling options are available for your home.

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  • Why are you selling?
  • What is most important to you in getting your home sold?
  • What do you believe should happen for that to be accomplished?

Explore your selling options

Auction Style Home Selling System and Buyers-In-Waiting Database

You can take advantage of our Auction Style System and our Buyers-in-Waiting Database to complete your transactions on your timelines.

Sell Easy

Access our simplified listing process that excelerates your entry into the market.  We work with you on the selling schedule that works best for you in almost any market, any location!

Buy Now and Sell It Later

Choose to buy your new dream home now, and then sell your existing home later.  Providing you time to  get your existing home ready to get top dollar.  Anything is possible if you have the right team to guide you.

Get into your dream home with a competitive offer that is not contingent on the sale of your current home—before you list it

Move into your new home while preparing your old one to sell

Maximize your profits without tons of repairs and showings

Sell Now and Move Later

You can get liquidity in selling your home without having to move! Rent your home back to help give you the time and flexibility to plan your ultimate move.

Sell In Current Condition

You can sell your home in its current condition or financial state. This allows you to sell within days regardless of your circumstances.

How It Works With Fusion Realty Group

Working with Fusion Realty Group, you won’t be disappointed! Count on the guidance of a more knowledgeable, more experienced real estate professionals, and you can’t go wrong!

Tell us about your home

We need your address and a few small details about your home in order to help you decide on the best selling option for you!

Review your selling options

We explain the right selling options and discuss the estimated cash offer associated with each.

Connect with our Home Selling Team

Once you select the best program(s), leave the best anytime text or phone number. Our Home Selling Team will contact you with details and answers.

Complete your sale

It’s that simple.

Find Out What Selling Options Are Available For Your Home.

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36 Reasons to Sell Your Home with "Guaranteed To Sell Your House" Fusion Realty Group